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Online Safety and Security

Since our physical world has become so integrated with technology, it is not easy to protect it when we have to worry about our computers and laptops. However, in this day and age, that is not the case. The more devices that are out there equal mo [...]


How does the work environment affect a person [...]

Productivity is the key thing in our lives. When we are productive, we get so much done, and by getting things done, we feel successful, and we get a little self-confidence boost. Productivity affects us in every aspect of our lives, especially in [...]


10 simple ways to make better to-do-lists

How effective is your to-do list? Does it help you plan your day? Does it nudge you to prioritize the right tasks? Or is it a never-ending list of things you feel guilty for not having done yet and now you're not going to do any of them? A goo [...]


Differences between qualitative and quantitat [...]

Quantitative data is anything that can be counted or measured; it refers to numerical data.

Qualitative data is descriptive, referring to things that can be observed but not measured—such as colors [...]


How to reach goals at work

Make goal-setting an ongoing practice.

Setting goals at work is an intriguing balancing act. On the one hand, your workplace goals must support the company mission. But, on the other hand, they must be your own. Otherwis [...]


How to do a competitor analysis

What is a Competitor Analysis?

Competitive analysis is research intended to collect data on rival businesses. You’re looking closely at what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, how it’s working for them, and how [...]


The five roles a successful team leader must [...]

The five roles a successful team leader must play

Making a partner is more than just proving you can win work. You also need to prove that you can build and develop a team. As a 'team leader,' you will be playing [...]


Types of Marketing Strategies and Definition

Marketing strategy definition

Different companies use marketing strategies to collaborate with their consumers. It is also employed to inform the customers about the features, specifications, and benefits of its products [...]